Suction Dampener
Cavitation Eliminator- Those who have suffered the severe consequences of cavitation problems now have PUMP MATES USA, LLC. Cavitation Eliminator to correct their problems and also help eliminate some discharge pulsations. 

The Cavitation Eliminator smoothes out the intake fluid entering the pump allowing it to enter in a steady flow rather than at intermittent changes in pressure. These changes, caused by cavitation, affect the valves and pistons causing the intake valve to close harder forcing the piston to hit the onrushing fluid, trying to catch up with it, with a slam. This, in turn, creates a shock on the return discharge stroke increasing the pulsation. 

The Cavitation Eliminator stores fluid surrounding the bladder and feeds it into the suction. Pressure lowers because of the demand caused by the piston moving faster than the fluid column can increase in velocity. The effect of the uneven demand of power required to increase the velocity of the fluid intermittently may be compared to the stop and go of an automobile in city driving as compared to steady freeway driving. This results in fuel economy and reduces the strain from the prime mover on through the pump. 

The low initial cost of the new PUMP MATES USA, LLC field serviceable Cavitation Eliminator is the most economical way to help achieve economy operation. 

The Cavitation Eliminator will smooth out the uneven movement of the suction fluid at certain cycles of the pump piston by storing the fluid when the piston is at its slowest point and feeding it into the line between the Cavitation Eliminator and the pump piston at the fastest point, thereby keeping a steady even flow of fluid up to the Cavitation Eliminator. 

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