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Is a leader in its field, and takes pride in presenting the newest and most advanced line of Pulsation Dampeners, Shock Arrestors, and Cavitation Eliminators in the industry. Through field experience we find many tools are not mated to their pump or installation because they are either undersize or oversize. The undersize units are only partially effective, and the oversize units are too heavy, expensive, and impractical for their installations. The fault is not necessarily due to design limitations. Often there is only a limited selection of models and sizes available. With our large range of models and sizes available, Pump-Mates, U.S.A. LLC can supply the right Pulsation Dampener, Shock Arrestor or Cavitation Eliminator to fit your pump or installation. Economical, compact, and lightweight. These tools are in installation throughout the world eliminating damaging shock, pulsation and cavitation and saving the operators costly dollars in maintenance and repairs. All Pump-Mates U.S.A. LLC tools are designed to operate at maximum effective diaphragm or bladder working surface area, which measures the true performance of a tool. Our success in manufacturing a high performance product line that is durable, compact and lightweight can be attributed to our research and development in implementing design concept.
Your leader in Surge control tools
Whenever problems in hydraulic or fluid systems are caused by pump discharge pulsation, pump suction cavitation and/or hydraulic line shock PUMP-MATES U.S.A LLC, has the surge control tools that are needed for our operation. We custom fabricate to your requirements, a surge control system which will look and perform as an integral part of your pumping or fluid system. Simply contact us and request a pump data sheet, so that we can customize your order to fit your needs. Get the most out of your pump with the Pump-Mates advantage call us today!
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